Sun & Sand in San Diego

It has obviously been a while since I last posted.  However, I could come up with a million reasons as to why I have been slacking, but to tell you the truth, I have had no motivation to write or any good topics to write about. I have also been quite busy with work, being a nanny and all. I love it, the kids are great and we always have a fun time together. Due to me being super busy, I had some time off two weeks ago for three days (plus the weekend). I decided to jump on a plane and fly down to see one of my best friends who had moved down to San Diego. She recently got married in May and her hubby is on deployment through the Navy.

Quick summary of how we met: we actually were in the same dorm hall our freshman year and would occasionally see each other walking through to our rooms but never really talked. Then when we were both in sticky living situations and were trying to find places to live, one of our mutual friends set us up. Pretty sure, both of us were nervous since we didn't know much about each other. And frankly, it worked out so well. We were attached at the hip- we did lots of fun things together. Such as her attempting to get my butt to the gym every evening (and failing miserably), late night meals and long chats while binge watching Bones or The Walking Dead, CRYING while watching the shows and of course my favorite going on late night adventures to Shari's for the occasional steak craving at three am. In summary, living with her was amazing and we always had a good time together!

We went our separate ways going into the new school year since I had my hip surgery and she moved back home. We kept in contact the whole time and she came to hang with me and Maurice a lot. Fast forward to May when she got married, packed up and moved to California. I was super stoked about her new adventure as a wife and dog mom. I missed her dearly and so when my boss told me that they were going on vacation for a few days I took the opportunity to visit her. 

I was so excited for my adventure and to be reunited with her after three long months. Once I got there, it was like we never were apart. We spent the afternoon going to the grocery store, stocking up on the goods for the next five days and having a fun evening listening to music and dancing around her apartment. Throughout the five days we would go walk Sammy, her adorable dog child up a big hill to an overlook of the city. We spent the next day relaxing by the pool and catching up on how our lives have been since we've been apart. 

San Diego was quite hot while I was there so we spent some time in the air conditioned apartment watching Dexter (an amazing show I have been needing to watch) and a couple new funny shows. My favorite day was the beach. It was overcast, but perfect-not too cold nor too hot. We took some much needed photos down by the water and did some shopping (we bought matching shirts), sat on the boardwalk and sipped our drinks while she got hit in the butt with a frisbee. Laughing at that, we decided to get up and leave since we were in the way of danger. The next night we decided to go on an adventure to downtown San Diego and check out the bars, because what else is there to do on a Friday night? It was very fun and entertaining to say the least. 

Saturday we stayed in after our long night and continued to binge watch our show and eat delicious food. No matter what we were doing, whether it was talking, listening to music or watching tv, we would just end up laughing or crying. Sadly, my trip came to an end that Sunday but we had one last hurrah at the pool where I so badly wanted to steal a swan floaty to lay on. It was a great trip over all and I loved hanging out with her. The last couple months have been rough but it was great to take a break from working and destress from life. I can't wait to be back in San Diego... maybe I'll even move there in a couple years... who knows! 

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