Sunshine in Seattle

Over the weekend I went to visit family up in Seattle. I had never done that drive by myself and honestly, it was fun. I listened to some music and a great TedTalk: The gift and power of emotional courage by Susan David. In a summary the podcast talked about how our emotions shape everything we do and everything that we are. This emotional courage is a build up of how we express our feelings within our careers, relationships, health and most importantly, our happiness. This podcast is quite moving and actually made me really think about what I can do to help build my emotional courage. I think that everyone should listen to it or watch it. It is on their site which I can link below.

Besides those words of wisdom on the drive, I took in my surroundings. Whether it was the greenery along the freeway or construction work (which there was a lot of). I made a pitstop in a little old town halfway between Portland and Seattle. I enjoyed getting out of the car and stretching my legs while walking around the little strip mall. I ate a quick meal and was on the road again. The drive was smooth sailing until Tacoma where there was some roadwork and a crash. For as long as I can remember, there has always been work going on in Tacoma. Growing up, we would do this drive a lot because of the family that lived in Washington. We would go up after late gymnastics practices for the holidays or just to go visit in the summer.

Once I reached my aunts cute little home I felt at peace. I succeeded my first drive to Seattle!! I was super happy that my cousin was staying with her for the Mother's Day weekend-I hadn't seen her since December and it was great to catch up. That evening we met up with her older brother and then went to a nice dinner down in Pikes Market. It was good to see them all and just talk about life. The following day my aunt, her daughter and I went on a nice walk around the lake after delicious baked goods at Bakery Nouveau. Since it was Mother's Day, we did whatever my aunt wanted to do. So we went on a four mile walk which was really pretty to take in. The smell of the water and being outdoors was really great especially after that driving I did the day before. They both have long legs and great stamina so obviously I was the slowest walker with my short legs and asthma but thank goodness my cousin stayed back with me, where we had some more time to really talk. You know, just between us girls. That evening we finished the day off with some guests over for dinner where we ate delicious salads and a strawberry rhubarb crisp with ice cream.

The next day my cousin had to leave to head back to school in Colorado and my aunt was busy so I drove to another part of Seattle to see my younger cousin. We drove around and went to Pressed Juicery and got freezes with fresh fruit. I had never been there before and from what she told me all the Youtube influencers went there, so we had to go and get the experience. We chatted a bit before we hopped back in the car and drove to Discovery Park where we sunbathed. Which actually, did not turn out well for me because I was burning up in my jeans. I did not think it was going to be seventy/eighty degrees in Washington... and I had packed jeans, sweaters and sweats... Ugh! But we had fun nonetheless. We took some artsy photos before I dropped her back off and said hello to her parents. I then left and went to see another cousin and her new baby. He was the cutest little bean-one month old! It's crazy to think that that was my nephew eight months ago and it fascinated me how fast babies actually grow.

We met up with some of her coworkers at Green Lake Park and went on a three mile loop around it. Again, being outside in the nice weather and people watching was quite entertaining. People were swimming, dogs were playing fetch, being walked and even swimming as well. Others were having picnics, biking, rollerskating, doing yoga and I even saw a group of people doing what looked like tai chi. Younger adults were laying in hammocks and slack lining, playing baseball or kickball. It was a beautiful evening and I was glad people were outside enjoying it like I was. After our walk we went back and had some dinner. Fun fact, my cousin is married to an Italian (who by the way is hilarious and anyone who comes across him will have a smile on their face) but not the point. So since, they just had their son, his mom flew in from Italy and doesn't speak any English so at dinner they were speaking fluent Italian. It is such a beautiful language even though I couldn't understand anything and would have my cousin translate for me. But they told me that on salads, which what we were eating, Italians don't use dressing, instead it's just olive oil and salt because they believe in taking in the natural flavor of the fresh vegetables. It's actually somewhat healthier I think, because there are so many flavors in dressing and fat which can take over your tastebuds. After dinner we went to go get some ice cream at Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream. If you have ever heard or been to Salt and Straw, this place is pretty much just like that, but different in their own way. I had such a blast seeing them and doing some more catching up.

On my last day, I went to go visit one of my dads old fraternity brothers who has always been a great guy to our family. We had Thai take out from his family's favorite Thai joint up by their house. Their youngest who's five, is into the superhero phase and called himself Spider-Mans baby bother and he declared I was Captain America's sister, which was alright with me. On our little game of "Superhero Family" we had to hide from the evil grass people by throwing what he called the "magic rock" which made us invisible to them. Their other son, who's ten and way too cool for that scene, showed me the card game Magic with his neat collection. Seeing them all grown up made my heart swell. They are turning into the nicest boys and have the greatest parents.

The drive back was pretty good. This time, I didn't stop to take a break; I just cruised down the freeway all the way home. Again, I listened to music and a podcast. Dear Hank & John: 096-Next Level Laziness is a great one to listen to if you want to have a laugh. I can't really put into words or describe anything without giving the stories away, but it's funny humor and great conversation starters, so check them out!

The wonderful thing about seeing all these different families is that they all have their own stories or are starting new ones. It was so great to see everyone and I loved adventuring in the city and finding new places to hangout. But, overall my short trip was fulfilled with relaxation, laughs, full bellies and happiness. I'll be back Seattle, thanks for the good time!

*Here's the link to the TedTalk

*I do not own this picture.

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