Unexpected Ups

For the past two weeks I have been thinking about what my next post should be, hence why I didn't post last week. I have been struggling through what people are calling a 'transition stage.' This stage can happen anytime in your life, whether it's high school to college, college to grad school/or adult life or even one job to the next. For me, it's happening right now.

I am currently not in school anymore. It's a little different than dropping out of college/university, I am calling it a break because that's what it is. I don't know if I am going to go back to school and if I do, it may just be a two year program. Who knows. However, that's the thing with life. Life is so up and down. There are people who do such great things with college degrees but there are also people who may even do better things without one. College isn't for everyone, and no one should to tell you that you need a college degree to be successful. That's complete bullshit. People don't need to be successful to be happy. People can be happy with whatever decision they make because at the end of the day, it's about them and not anyone else.

For me though, growing up in a small town and going to a college prep high school, it was basically drilled into you that you had to attend college, maybe others didn't see it that way, but I did. Also I come from a family where college was just the next step after graduating high school. Whether it was a big university or community college, it was still something that we must accomplish. I had this big plan about going to college out of state, away from what we call 'the bubble' of a hometown. I wanted to get away from that suburban lifestyle and do something great. I looked at colleges in Utah, thinking that that was going to be my new home for the last four years. Then life happened. Things changed within my physical and mental well-being and I realized that maybe going out of state wasn't the best thing to do. So I chose a small college in my home state. Somewhere not too far from where my parents lived but still enough for me to get that so called "college experience."

I had based my new college decision on a few things:

1. What were the class sizes like?

2. Could my testing accommodations be met?

3. Were the professors going to be willing to work with my accommodations?

4. Could I see a school counselor?

5. Would I be successful?

Those five questions were answered when I ultimately made my decision on the university I was going to be attending. It was great and I was happy about the choice I made. I was excited and looking forward to all the friends I would make and I made quite a few. I learned a lot, I gained a lot of work ethic and knowledge for things I didn't know about or expanded my knowledge on things I already knew. I have no bad things to say about my school or the great memories I have here. But all I have to say right now, is that college is not the place for me.

So, I'll be moving home till I find a place of my own. I'll be closer to my family which is a huge plus for me. I'll be working this summer and will be finding more fun things to do to occupy my time. I have so much ahead of me to look forward to whether I go back to school or not. I will be dedicating myself to working for awhile to make some money, which is great. I may be a person who will find happiness working for a family, a daycare or a sit down at an office type job. Again, who knows. I used to be a planner, I had everything set in my head, but maybe that was the problem. I had plans to live up to, to fulfill and I think that's what ended up being my biggest disappointment-for myself. That's the thing with plans though things can go great or things can unexpectedly change. I am learning that things don't go as planned and maybe that's what makes life a little more fun.

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