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I always used to think my family was so big with the six of us in one home (and then adding pets within the mix). Compared to some of my friends, my family was huge, but really thinking about it now that I'm older, three siblings isn't that bad. However, we grew into a family of eight over the past few years. Growing up I had two older brothers and it sometimes felt like I had two sets of parents because they were so much older. Both my brothers are married now and for some reason, sometimes, I can't wrap my head around it. I had always known they would settle down eventually, but to me (and probably them) I was always their pesky little sister and probably still am. I remember growing up and talking to my little sister, who really isn't that much younger than me how we couldn't wait to be aunts. I also remember bothering my brothers about it and most likely my parents. Due to the big age gap, I thought it was just simple: they'd find a girlfriend, turn her into a fiancé within a couple years and then BAM, a niece or nephew. I thought that being an aunt at a younger age would have been pretty cool, for bragging rights of course. But life turned out a little differently.

Back in September I became an aunt! Besides being adopted, graduating high school, and some few great memories in between, that was one of my favorite days. Granted, if/when there will be more little babies running around in our family, those days will be my favorite as well. But when my nephew was born (I will not be using his name or showing any pictures due to his and my brother/sister in laws privacy) I was so overcome with joy and happiness. He was the cutest little nugget that I have ever seen. He has this big round belly and because he is part Korean, we call him the "Buddha Baby."

Back in December I had the privilege to watch him for a whole month! I stayed at my brothers home in the spare room and would get up and take care of the little guy from morning to evening. He is the best birth control, if I am being honest. He was about four months old at the time, so still a wee little baby, but we watched shows together, played with toys, I would talk to him and he would sometimes stare or talk back with his little cooing sounds. It was just a great bonding experience.

Now that he is seven(ish) months old, he likes to talk and make grunting noises. He babbles a lot which is pretty dang cute. He waddles around in his Mickey Mouse walker on the hardwood floors pretty effortlessly and sits up well by himself. I try to see him every chance I get when I go home on the weekends and soon I'll be seeing him a lot more when I move back home (which will be next weeks post).

I could go on and on about this little guy, but I won't. I just wanted to write something that makes me happy and he certainly does! Family has been everything to me and that probably comes from having that possibility in the back of my head that that may have not been an option in my life and I am forever grateful to have such an amazing, loving, caring and growing family like mine.

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