Peace in Palm Springs

Hello world! I am back from a three week break. I was super busy with finals and then decided not to write while I was on vacation. However, last week I was brainstorming what to write for this post. 

I had a great time on spring break with my parents, sister and some of her really good friends. I do not get to see my sister often due to her being out of state for college. Luckily, our breaks crossed over so I got to spend some quality time with her. Our family has a condo down in Palm Springs, California that has been part of my moms family for three generations. The adults, my mom and her four siblings have to work out who gets to use the house throughout the year. Our family got spring break!

On this break, I did a lot of reading (which is not normal for me) but it was great to be laying in the sun with a good book. I have just rediscovered the world of Harry Potter (I know I'm such a late bloomer!).  I had been watching the movies with some friends, but they told me I should read the book as well-so that is what I did to help pass time poolside.

While on vacation we did a lot. We went to the annual Thursday night street market, ate delicious Mexican food at Las Casuelas and sipped on margaritas. Friday we walked around a pretty garden and went to Tyler's (A DELICIOUS BURGER/ROOT BEER FLOAT RESTAURANT).

That evening, the girls (my sister, her friends and I) went out for sushi and cocktails for their last night. After dinner, we walked the street while window shopping and people watching. We also enjoyed some sweet and savory milkshakes from Great Shakes-which apparently, my sister had already had four that week!!

The next day was probably the most fun. After my sisters friends left that morning we got up to get ready for the Painted Canyons hike outside of Mecca. It is a five mile loop, while climbing ladders-for those who love to hike, it was a great one! Not too long and you come up to a beautiful view of the Salton Sea. Luckily we went in the early afternoon before it got too hot, but the shade within the canyon kept us cool. After our hike we decided to head over to Salvation Mountain, for those who don't know what that is, Kesha filmed her music video, Praying there. It is a painted hillside that shows that love is a universal concept. When we arrived, a wedding was just ending-what better way to express love than on the mountain! We took some pictures of it, which will be shown at the bottom. 

After walking around the mountain we got in the car again and drove to East Jesus in Slab City, where I had a big reality check.  This place was unique. People are living off the grid in a small community shared between each other and their pets. In this area people do not rely on cellphones, technology or overall material things like most of the modern world. They have an art type sculpture ground where visitors can come and take pictures, touch, play or just enjoy looking at the different works of art. This art is made of scraps of metal, wood and other materials that they can find. For instance, there was a wall of colorful glass bottles which was pleasing to look at through different angles on a phone or camera. However, while walking around I realized that these people probably chose to be here and it makes them happy. They don't need everything that is seen as a necessity to most. They have water, food, shelter and people to be with. It makes you really think about what is "necessary" in our modern lives. 

Sadly after our adventure, the next day my sister had to go back to school. We spent the day by the pool before we drove her to the airport. It's always sad to watch her leave, but I know she is doing great things at school and that I will see her soon. For the rest of the week, I spent some much needed time with my parents and occasionally their friends. Now that I am of age to drink it was more enjoyable to hang around adults. We made steaks and margaritas at home for one dinner.  Chilled by the pool some more in the afternoons. For my last night, we went out for drinks before a movie and then surrounded ourselves with great music and more cocktails in the Purple Room at the Trinidad. 

Overall, my vacation was the best break that I needed as I am trying to work things out in my life. I have always been family oriented, so being with my parents and sister was a nice refresher.  On our way to the airport dad and I stopped for In N Out before we got on our plane and headed home. 

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