Meet Maurice

Funny story actually... I had been looking for a cat for quite some time since I was going to be living on my own at school. Toward the end of August a friend and I went to go look at kittens, not intending to adopt. We started at PetSmart to just see what kind of cats were there. When that selection was not ideal (not that PetSmart is bad) she ended up taking me to the Cat Adoption Team in Sherwood. She said they had a lot cute kittens, but like I had told her I was not intending to adopt just yet. I wanted to get settled in to my apartment first before I even thought about getting a kitty. However, plans changed. We were walking around looking in the cages when all of a sudden this little paw touched my shoulder. I turned and looked at the little guy inside and he gave me the sweetest little meow. He then proceeded to roll around onto his back, it was the cutest. We got a worker to open the cage so we could pet him (his name was Foxtrot at the time). I couldn't hold him since he hadn't been neutered yet, but I did send a video to my mom as a complete joke. After we stopped petting him we ended up leaving and as I was about to head home my mom called.

She had left a voicemail basically saying that she saw the video and it was a cute cat. She then asked if my dad said if it was okay to get a cat and if I had asked the workers about putting it on hold... I was shocked! I looked at my friend utterly surprised by mom's voicemail so I called her back and told her that I had not talked to dad yet or about putting Foxtrot on hold. So she told me to drive back and place him on hold. The Cat Adoption Team told me it was a twenty-four hour hold and I was like, alright that is fine! So I placed my hold on Foxtrot and drove home. I ended up calling my dad and explaining it to him-I said it was the cutest cat ever, he chose me and that I would pay for the whole thing. He was somewhat excited for me but said it would be my money. So the next day I got a call before my mom and I went to go look at Foxtrot and they said that he got neutered that day and that he was ready for adoption if I wanted to do that. Long story short, when we went, I adopted him that day!

It is weird to think he is my pet, like my personal own companion! The people at The Cat Adoption team were so nice to me and told me everything about how to raise a kitten. I had grown up with animals in the family, but it was still so different and exciting to have one as my own. My mom was really happy for me and could tell that this was a great idea. She even bought him a little kitty bed that he loves along with some other toys that he bats around my apartment.

He had to stay at my parents house for a few days while I finished up some work for my brother and his wife, but I would go back and hang out with him in the evenings. Before I ended up moving back down to my apartment I took him to the vet and they said he was in perfect shape. He got some shots and were good to go.

The drive was alright. It felt longer than it usually is due to his meowing and complaining. Once we got to my place though, all was good. He loves it! He can run around, jump on the bed or the couch. It is his own little jungle gym. Though, pets are not allowed in my complex. I ended up having to get documentation as to he is my therapy cat. Pretty easy, just had to see my counselor and psychiatrist to write up why I have him and the need for him. If I get notified about it, I just reshow my landlord the documentation, but I am pretty sure they already know I have him.

I know that a lot of people can't afford a therapy animal, but Maurice has been the best thing that has happened to me in a while. He has been my favorite purchase of all time and like me, we were both adopted! My favorite part about him, is that he can sense when I am upset or even crying, he will come up and snuggle with me and kiss my nose. And he's so darn funny when it comes to bed time. Sometime's he will sleep at my feet (like a normal cat) or sometimes he'll come up and sleep on the pillow next to my head. When he does that, he purrs so loudly but it makes me happy.

I spoil him so much with toys and treats! My parents got me a cat tree as a gift and it sits by the window and he'll just stare out at the squirrels and birds. He is an indoor cat, just because there is no place for him to run around in my college town so it's funny when he goes crazy when he hears other animals outside. Maybe when we move into a more secure place, I can see if he even likes the outdoors.

He is so good with all my friends too. He goes up to them and cuddles with them, which I heard is rare. It takes time for animals to warm up to other humans, but not him! HE thrives on any attention that he can get. He is the neediest, the cutest and the fluffiest lil guy.

Anyways, I love Maurice. I'll post a few photos down below to show him off!

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